cleanphotoDowntown Partnership serves as the contracted service provider for the Greater Downtown Colorado Springs Business Improvement District (BID). The BID is governed by a board of directors and funded by a tax levy on commercial properties within the BID’s 31-block area.




Maintenance Requests & Who Does What?

Responsibilities of the BID, which are overseen by Downtown Partnership include:

  • Daily litter pick-up along sidewalks and flower beds, including large debris and waste
  • Sidewalk power washing, as allowed per city water-use restrictions
  • Single path of snow removal (five inches or more) on sidewalks
  • Installation and removal of holiday decor
  • Management of promotional street banners
  • Installation and maintenance of flower pots/beds
  • Maintenance of irrigation systems to planters
  • General upkeep of benches
  • Reporting of potential security concerns

Business/Property Owners are responsible for:

Alleys: Alley areas should be kept in an orderly manner. Lids on Dumpsters should be closed, and spills cleaned up. The exterior of the Dumpster should be clean, and the Dumpster itself should not block alley traffic. Please call your trash service for early pick up of overflowing Dumpsters. 

Graffiti: By city ordinance, all graffiti must be removed by the property owner within 10 days. Report all graffiti to the Graffiti Hotline at 634-5713. Also, call the BID manager at 499-7745 to see how we can help. Please note that we cannot remove graffiti from brick, stone or marble.

Patio areas: Maintain and paint patio cafe railings to be kept free of rust, damage, rips, tears, frayed edges, peeling paint, loose tape or other deterioration.

Sidewalks: Remove all spills and litter as they occur. Do not obstruct pedestrian right of way with A-frame or other temporary signage.

Signage: Understand and follow guidelines for A-frame and other temporary or permanent signage.

Snow removal: Property owners must remove snow from building to curb, as well as patio areas. The BID will plow pedestrian/ADA access ramps at each intersection.

The City of Colorado Springs is responsible for:

  • Street sweeping
  • Trash removal from public bins
  • Maintenance of trees
  • General maintenance of Acacia Park
  • Snow removal from streets
  • Police protection